TENQUBE's mission is to help people manage their spending and achieve their financial goals. People use TENQUBE's solution, Qlip, to stay updated with their spending status, to discover how other peers spend/save their money, to optimize their financial plans, and to achieve them effortlessly. Upon foundation in June 2014, some of the notable achievements include National Prime Minister Award from Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and raising seed money from FuturePlay. Its office is located in Seoul National University upon joining SK 101 Start-up member.


  • 2017.06 MOU with Nielson Korea
  • 2017.03 MOU with Samsung Electronics
  • 2017.01 Member of K-Global Startup 300
  • 2016.04 Raised Series A Round from SK Planet
  • 2015.11 MOU with AEGIS ENTERPRISE
  • 2015.10 Sponsored by TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup)
  • 2015.06 3rd Place in IBK Fintech Contest
  • 2015.06 Member of DB-STAR 2015
  • 2015.03 Member of B2G Global Startup
  • 2015.02 Raised Seed Round from FuturePlay
  • 2014.12 Member of SK 101 Startup Korea
  • 2014.11 Filed Patents (pending)
  • 2014.11 2nd Place in Public Data Start-up Contest (National Prime Minister Award)
  • 2014.11 MOU with Korea National Oil Corporation
  • 2014.04 Sponsored by Smart Venture Institute of SMBA Korea
  • 2014.02 Sponsored by NIPA (National IT industry Promotion Agency)